Tangipahoa Parish Clerk of Court

Conveyance Department 
The Conveyance Department is responsible for the indexing of all conveyance and miscellaneous documents. The department is not required by law to provide conveyance certificates; therefore, we do not offer this service.

A knowledgeable staff of deputy clerks is available to assist the general public in researching the property records kept on file in the Clerk’s Office. All property transactions, mineral leases, restrictions, subdivision maps, and any other recordings are accessible through either a written or computerized index. The written index dates back to 1820 and information on the computer system dates back to 1952.

The Clerk’s Office employs some of the latest available computer and imaging technology in order to make the work of attorneys and abstractors as user friendly as possible. The Conveyance Department provides five large-screen computer viewing stations for public use. From those stations, users may locate documents through index searches and may view many images without having to "go to the books.".

Real estate agents, surveyors, appraisers, abstractors, and attorneys are encouraged to come in and use these facilities. Our staff provides assistance, if needed, free of charge.

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