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The Mortgage department responsibilities include:

  • Perform Cancellations
  • Index daily Mortgage recordations
  • Index daily Conveyance recordations
  • Index daily Miscellaneous recordations
  • Mortgage Certificates
  • Lien Certificates
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)
  • Acknowledge Certificates
  • Property Bonds

For more information on Cancelling a Mortgage click here.

Indexing Mortgage, Conveyance, & Miscellaneous

The process of inputting of the previous days work into the computer for future reference.

Mortgage Certificates

An order for a Mortgage Certificate must be in writing and must include the names to be run and the property description. Fee on price list. The purpose of a Mortgage Certificate is to see if anything has been filed in the mortgage records against a person or people regarding a certain piece of property.

Lien Certificates

An order for a Lien Certificate must be in writing and must include the names and the date of the original contract as well as a job description. Fees on price list. The purpose of a Lien Certificate is to find any liens that have been filed between the contract and acceptance dates.


A request for a UCC Certificate must be in writing on a Louisiana approved UCC 11 form, One debtor name per request. A Federal tax ID number should be provided although it is not yet required by statute. The lack of a federal tax ID number, will impact the results of the UCC certificate.

Louisiana approved Forms are available here for download from the Louisiana Secretary of State Web Site

UCC - has to be on a UCC form supplied by a bank or financial institution.

UCC 1: must have debtor, secured party information and property or movable description.

UCC 3: any type of action taking place on an existing UCC 1.  (Continuation, Release, Partial Assignment, Assignment, Termination, Amendment, or other. Must have the UCC filing number of the original UCC 1.

UCC 1F (farm filing): must have tax I.D. #

UCC 11: Search Certificate looking for any UCC previously filed for any person state wide. Non-standard or short form (not from LA. )

Fees on price list.

Acknowledge Certificates

Also known as Legitimation certificates. The Request must be in writing. The order should contain the Child's name and the customers name. Fee $10.00

Property Bonds

Customer must provide the assessment and a copy of the deed. Fees on price list. Are similar to Mortgage Certificates. 

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