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General Mortgage Information

The Mortgage Department is responsible for issuing Mortgage, Non-Lien, and UCC Certificates pursuant to applicable Louisiana statutes. Per the statutes, all requests for certificates must be in writing. Written requests for certificates, in the appropriate form, may be transmitted to the Mortgage Department via facsimile.

Mortgage Certificates are issued by the department on a first-come, first-served basis. You must provide us with the name (s) you want us to check and the legal property description. If a legal property description is not available, please contact our Conveyance Department at (985) 748-6874 ext. 123.

A Mortgage Certificate, more correctly called a "Certificate of Non-Mortgage," is not a title opinion and makes no representation as to who might actually own the property described on the certificate. Previously issued certificates may be "updated" by the department; however, the original certificate must be presented and must be less than one year old.

Non-Lien Certificates are also issued by the Mortgage Department. As with requests for mortgage certificates, the request must be in writing. The request must include the name (s) you want us to check, the date the contract was signed, and a brief description of the work. Unless otherwise specified, the Non-Lien Certificate will be issued as of the date requested.

UCC Certificates are issued by the Mortgage Department as well. The requests must be in writing on a Louisiana approved UCC-II form, one debtor name per request form. A Federal tax ID number should be provided although it is not yet required by statute. The lack of a Federal tax ID number, will impact the results of your UCC Certificate.


A Mortgage Department Fee Schedule has been posted, see Mortgage Fees .

For further information about the Mortgage Department:
dial (985) 748-6874 extension 140

or fax a written question to the Mortgage Department at (985) 748-6503.


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